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Lazy afternoon tea drinking ritual

by ray on August 7, 2009

I always wondered why Chinese elders like to drink tea after their meals, I decided to try the same habit to find out why. Just half a block down from BIG WONG RESTAURANT there is a tea house called TEARIFFIC.

With a combination of traditional hot teapot drink and cold tea beverages, this place defines tea drinking in a very creative way. Since I prefer the hot tea because it can warm the stomach and accelerate digestion, I tried Rose Tie Kwan Yin. Tie Kwan Yin is a type of Oolong Tea, mixed with dried rose follower gives you a refreshing taste and light fragrant smell. It was served in a very elegant teapot which made a big contrast with the beverage my friend ordered.

He ordered Kumquat Lime Juice which is the exotic fruit kumquat infused with a hint of lime juice. The lime juice gave it a nice tart taste while the kumquat kind of tasted like orange juice, but with more flavor. Since it was a rainy day, sitting in a dry place and watching people pass by outside through glass doors is kind of enjoyable and relaxing.

The decoration of Teariffic also consists of modern design with an ancient twist. With square rosewood stools and tables mixed with colorful lighting, you definitely don’t want to miss this place on a lazy afternoon.

Unfortunately, we went at a peak hour which was crowded and noisy. I will give it a five star if it is less disturbed. I could barely hear myself with all the people chatting loudly around me.

Besides drinks, the tea house also served meals and snacks. Because we went with a full stomach, we didn’t try any food. The menu is very elegant and well categorized which was easy to navigate.

Its price is reasonable, it cost us less than $10 (tips included) for 2 drinks. For over an hour of relaxation, it is priceless. I guess Starbucks is not the only choice when it comes to a decent drink.

Positives: Cozy, price, variety of drinks and snacks
Negatives: can get really crowed and noisy.
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