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27 Sunshine Seafood Restaurant

by CS on June 29, 2011

27 Sunshine
46 Bowery
New York, NY 10013


Waiters: patient and welcoming.
We had to wait for my brother to park his car, so we took a long time to order and decide what to eat, and we weren’t rushed.

Food was excellent. We had to ask the waiter for recommendations, and he was happy to describe the dishes. A little fact: Traditional Chinese like to order 6 or 8 dishes, not 7 when ordering family style. Why? for luck.

Fried tofu with sliced conch and green vegetables: Dip the conch either in shrimp paste or soy sauce (shrimp paste is a little more salty). Dip tofu in sauce. Conch was the perfect texture, not overcooked. Tofu could have been a little more golden/crispy.

Sunshine Restaurant famous fried rice:  It was pretty tasty. Many bits of foods in here, or shall I say leftover scrap. I usually don’t like to order fried rice because someone who worked in the kitchen said, its just soy sauce and leftover scrap meat and rice. The little crunchies, however, did make the rice tasty, but definitely not worth $13.

Dou Miao (Snow pea shoots): Waiter will ask if you want to stir fry with garlic or boiled with flavored soup. We usually do the soup.

Deep fried spare ribs: Tasty, crunchy. Too salty, and too much fat.

Ja Jee Gai: Crispy fried chicken filled with garlic and soy sauce flavor. Skin is paper thin. DELICIOUS! This dish can go wrong if the meat is too hard, but it was tender!

Deep fried Sea bass: As you can tell, we love unhealthy fried food. I normally don’t like to order fish because it is expensive, by the pound, and a fish can end up to be $45. However, our parents love fish. The outside crunch is nothing but delicious saltiness. The bones are very long, so sucking the meat in between the bones is the best part because it tastes like fat. I’m sure there’s some healthy omega-3 there.

And there you have it. The oranges were Americanized because they skinned it and sliced it and laid out with pretty toothpicks, so that you won’t have to use our hands. Either way works for me.

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Museum of Chinese in America

by Peng Li on April 8, 2010

Museum of Chinese in America
215 Centre St.
New York, NY 10013


I got an opportunity to visit this museum for free (courtesy of Target free Thursdays) on a sunny afternoon. This museum was on top of my to-go list for a while.

The museum itself is quite small, although I heard that the old site was even smaller. Upon entry the museum is partitioned off to a few room. There’s a wall with influential Chinese Americans and on it you will find Yahoo’s Jerry Yang, the first Chinese governor Gary Locke. Rapper Jin the MC is placed right next to Bruce Lee which was one interesting juxtaposition.

You will find old movie posters of Caucasian Hollywood actors playing Chinese guys with the fumanchu mustache. Another interesting artifact is a little booklet for U.S. troops to use during World War 2 in the Pacific. There is a wall with old immigration documents from the late 1800 to early 1900′s, I didn’t even know so many Chinese people immigrated to the U.S. at that time. Check out all my pictures for a good sense of what the museum is about.

I think this museum is a must see for every Chinese American. Especially since it is free on Thursdays.


Chinese Couple Vendor

by Peng Li on March 26, 2010

chinese couple cartCorner of Canal St & Elizabeth St
New York, NY 10079

I have literally been their fan for over 15 years! Back then they use to occupy the current visitor center by Baxter and Canal St. There use to be a couple of food carts there but this couple made the best chicken wings. Back then $1 got you 4 delicious wings.

I’m so glad they prevailed when the city kicked the carts out from the triangle island. It’s a bit more expensive now but still very reasonable. Going there brings back a lot of good memories.

They’re at a very high traffic location so there is no reason why you should not try it out.

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Columbus Park

by Peng Li on March 26, 2010

columbus park ny

Columbus Park

67 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10013

This little park in the heart of Chinatown is a good microcosm of the retired life. On any given day, the park is occupied with clusters of senior citizens around the tables. You might wonder why everyone is huddled around the tables. Turns out they’re playing Chinese chess.

The game can get intense and crowds can get as big as 30 strong. If you just bought some street food, say from the Chinese Couple Vendor on Canal St, you can take it to this park and watch the interesting people.


House of Vegetarian

by CS on March 9, 2010

House of Vegetarian
68 Mott St.
New York, NY 10013


I used to like this vegetarian restaurant. I’ve been here with my mom a couple of times throughout the years. (My mom is a vegan and has been since 1998.) The good thing about this place is that you can order dim-sum anytime of the day you want.

Bad Experience on January 20, 2010:
- Bad service. Our waitress came to our table with our food talking on the phone loudly= No manners
- My noodles tasted really bad because the chef decided to put the black beans in it. I have never had stir fried noodles with beef WITH BLACK BEANS.
- Fried turnip cake+ no good. It tasted more water + flour. It probably had 10% of white carrots in it.

The good:
Sweet and sour “Meen Gun” which its texture is chewy and floury glutens. They have 4 different flavors to choose from, but we only like the sweet and sour gluten. You can mix and match on 1 plate.

I really don’t want to bash on a vegetarian restaurant, knowing that there are only 3 that have been there for quite some time. However, this experience was unacceptable.

Non-Asians might have a different experience though. This is just what I’ve seen through experience.

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Joe’s Ginger

December 1, 2009

Joe’s Ginger 25 Pell StreetNew York, NY 10013 (212) 285-0333 Honestly, we were going to Joe’s Shanghai but the place was crazy crowded like usual even on the night before Thanksgiving. Decided to give this place a try and was pleasantly surprised. Much better decor than Joe’s Shanghai and there was only one other […]

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Great NY Noodletown

November 26, 2009

Great NY Noodletown 28 1/2 Bowery  New York, NY 10013(212) 349-0923 Sorry guys, didn’t mean to neglect you but I’ve been real busy building my new blog I’m still alive and eating at Chinatown, no worries! I went to this place on a rainy weekend night so it was not as packed as usual. […]

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Nha Trang

October 17, 2009

Nha Trang One87 Baxter St.New York, NY 10013212-233-5948 This section of Baxter St is loaded with nice ethnic restaurants, Viet, Thai, Malaysian. However, keep in mind they are all Chinese owned. Service is on par with all Chinese restaurants, and I noticed a lot of tourists. The spring rolls are very nice and crispy, especially […]

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Ping’s (Chinatown)

October 6, 2009

Ping Seafood Restaurant22 Mott Street.New York, NY 10013212-602-9988 One of the best traditions is family style dinner. Several dishes are ordered, depending on the number of people you have, and is shared amongst each other. We usually pick a different restaurant for each occasion, like birthday’s, gatherings, new years, or celebrations. Most of the restaurants […]

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Subpar dumplings

September 3, 2009

Hua Du Dumpling Shop69A Eldridge St.New York, NY 10002212-965-9663 I decided to roam around Chinatown the other day because I had some extra time before class. I walked a block down Eldridge St. past Prosperity Dumpling and noticed a fairly new dumpling shop. Thought to myself, how can they go wrong with dumplings right? Wrong […]

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