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Free Bahn Mi Sandwiches!

by Peng Li on December 6, 2011

Apologize greatly for the lack of updates. Been extremely busy with work and such but found this deal that is too hard to pass. Especially since the original spot was my second review.

Head on over to Scoutmob for this deal, I’m going to try it out personally tomorrow.


Banh Mi Saigon’s New Location

by Peng Li on October 2, 2010

Should have posted this in the summer but the lovely Banh Mi Saigon has moved right around the corner to 198 Grand St. New York NY.

Same great sandwich but at a more roomier place. The jewelery store moved as well.

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Tasty Hand Pull Noodles

by Peng Li on September 27, 2010

Tasty Hand Pull Noodles Inc.
1 Doyers St.
New York, NY 10013


Noodles are my favorite Chinese dish, whether it be in broth, pan fried or even rice crepes. I had high expectations heading in to this place. A fellow reader told me about it last summer! Sorry I never had a chance to try them out (Pat).

The restaurant is located on a famous block in Chinatown with historical significance. Several scenes from Chow Yun Fat’s The Corruptor was filmed there. Okay, back to noodles. The restaurant is not very big, but for a hand pulled noodle place, its quite large because I’m used to real hole in the wall joints.

My noodles were quite bouncy and tasty, the broth was not overly salty which was a major plus. There are too many places where the broth is just MSG and water. I love how they give cilantro on the side so you can have as much as you want because often I feel that there’s not enough cilantro.

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Buddha Bodai

by Peng Li on June 4, 2010

Buddha Bodai
5 Mott St.
New York, NY 10013


I’m not a vegetarian, in fact, I’m probably the furthest from one. I love a thick steak or juicy burger anytime. But this place had some really good fake meats.

This is my first experience at a vegetarian restaurant. I’ve tried vegetarian dishes before but always crave meats after consumption. I guess its the lack of enough protein in my meal, however at Buddha Bodai I came out very full and satisfied.

Started off with the corn soup. It is made in the style of the ying yang where the dark portion is spinach. I felt the soup was kind of bland in taste but low sodium is what’s in right?

I wasn’t as impressed by the “char siu” meat. The texture did not feel like real meat nor tasted like char siu. The fried tofu was fantastic. Its a must order.

Finally, my favorite was the stir fried noodles with beef slices. The noodles had very nice texture and for a second I thought the beef slices were real.

Buddha Bodai Vegetarian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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Peking Duck House

by Peng Li on April 19, 2010

Peking Duck House
28  Mott Street
New York, NY 10013


I guess I expected too much from a restaurant that specializes in Peking Duck. When I studied abroad in China, I went to the original Peking Duck house in Beijing. The restaurant served famous people such as Dr. Sun Yat-Sun and Mao Zedong. Perhaps you can say I was spoiled but I didn’t see what was so special about the duck there.

The house special Peking Duck dinner at Peking Duck House is too much. At $35 per head for a duck plus two entrees for four people. That means its $140 for a duck,  two dishes some hot and sour soup and dessert. Pretty ridiculous for a restaurant on Mott St. (I have a feeling the deal is for people who don’t know better.)

If you want to visit the restaurant, then just get dishes and share it family style, including the duck by itself. It’s much better deal and you get more ‘real’ food. Our group was split in half, so I had the chance to experience both. I really enjoyed the walnut shrimps because the shrimps were gigantic. Amazingly, I enjoyed the General Tsao’s Chicken and Sweet and Sour fried pork chops. The sesame chicken was not as good but really what is the difference?

There are extra seating downstairs in case you think its a full house. Decor is pretty modern and clean, they allow you to BYOB so you can get quite tipsy for cheap.

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Lunch Box Buffet

April 14, 2010

Lunch Box Buffet / 5 Combinations 195 Centre St. New York, NY 10013 Right down the block from MOCA is one of the biggest rice box combination restaurant I’ve ever seen. For $4 you can get a takeout box with 3 dishes, rice and a soup.  Dine in is 50 cents more. Guess this is […]

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Chinese Couple Vendor

March 26, 2010

Corner of Canal St & Elizabeth St New York, NY 10079 I have literally been their fan for over 15 years! Back then they use to occupy the current visitor center by Baxter and Canal St. There use to be a couple of food carts there but this couple made the best chicken wings. Back […]

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Columbus Park

March 26, 2010

67 Mulberry Street New York, NY 10013 This little park in the heart of Chinatown is a good microcosm of the retired life. On any given day, the park is occupied with clusters of senior citizens around the tables. You might wonder why everyone is huddled around the tables. Turns out they’re playing Chinese chess. […]

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House of Vegetarian

March 9, 2010

House of Vegetarian 68 Mott St. New York, NY 10013 212-226-6572 I used to like this vegetarian restaurant. I’ve been here with my mom a couple of times throughout the years. (My mom is a vegan and has been since 1998.) The good thing about this place is that you can order dim-sum anytime of […]

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New Wonton Garden

February 28, 2010

New Wonton Garden 56 Mott St. New York, NY 10013 212-966-4886 Right across the street from Big Wong this place is a bit overrated, especially from a restaurant with a long history in NYC. We ordered 3 bowls of duck wonton soup but it mostly consist of bone pieces, Big Wong serves much better duck. […]

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