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Bo Ky Restaurant

by Peng Li on August 17, 2009

Bo Ky Restaurant
80 Bayard St
New York, NY 10013


Located by Mott and Bayard, this restaurant has been around since the 80′s. They specialize in Chaozhou dishes which is a variation of Cantonese cuisine. They’re very famous for the Chaozhou style duck 潮州鹵水鴨 so I had duck and noodles. This type of duck is very flavorful because it is cooked in herbs and spices. Because it is soaked in flavor, the skin was not crispy, that’s why I prefer regular roast duck more. I did not have enough noodles in my soup and instead they filled the bottom with bean sprouts, it was kind of bizarre.

Cambodian rice noodle was also mediocre, the noodles were smooth and had a good level of springyness however the meat was rough. With just one shrimp, they classify the dish as seafood.

The best dish by far was the spring rolls. They had just the right amount of crunch and the ingredients inside were very fresh and flavorful.

There was not much of a crowd at 8PM on a Friday night, but customers included a mix of old locals and young people. A note about the decor, although I’m not picky when it comes to Chinese restaurants but this place had flickering fluorescent lights. The effect when fluorescents are about the die out combined with ceiling fans could really induce a seizure. They really need to change out the lights. Service was a
middle aged Angry Asian Man (AAM) as first seen in Shanghai Cafe.

Positives: Price, spring rolls
Negatives: Decor, Service (AAM)
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