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Big Wong’s on Mott St is the epitome of Cantonese cuisine in Chinatown. It has been there since the dawn of time, at least the dawn of Chinatown because it originated on Mott St before expanding tenfold. I feel that this is a great restaurant to go to regardless of local or tourist status. Although many locals think that the authenticity of a place is jeopardized with the influx of tourists, I believe otherwise. I feel that if the food is consistent, the type of customer is irrelevant.

The setting is your traditional low key Chinese restaurant with cheap chairs and Formica tables, the food however is extraordinary. Big Wong is very famous for theircongee with fried dough however, congee is one of my least favorite dish so I never order it. When my friend and I went during the lunch rush hour on Sunday, we were paired up with random strangers at the same table. They are extremely ‘efficient’ at seating but it makes the whole experience a lot more authentic.

We ordered the Shrimp Rice Crepe as appetizer; the most important characteristic of rice crepe is the smoothness. I felt that their rice crepe was mediocre because the sweet soy sauce did not have enough flavor and the crepe was not as smooth as other places.

The main dishes however were great. Fried Beef Chow Fun was very tasty, the nicely sliced pieces of sauteed beef was full of flavor. The noodles were thick and had a nice texture, best of all they do not skimp out on the portion. That dish alone was enough for the both of us, but not knowing so I also ordered the Roast Duck with Noodles. Roast duck is another dish that is like an art form, no two restaurant’s are alike. Big Wong’s duck is very famous among the Chinese community, the skin is always very crispy but not overly fat, this is what makes a perfect roast duck. They offer many different types of noodles for this dish, I just had it with regular wonton noodles.

Even during the lunch rush hour, we were served extremely fast.

Positives: Price point, atmosphere, authenticity, taste and service

Negatives: None unless you dislike being seated with strangers

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