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Nyonya of Brooklyn

by Peng Li on October 2, 2009

You’re probably wondering, why Nyona again? I really wanted to compare them with the Chinatown counterpart.

Food is great as always, and expect prices to be on average $1 cheaper. Roti Canai is just $2.50 and very tasty and crispy. If you enjoy soggy roti then I suggest to soak in the curry sauce a bit longer.

We had two of the most popular dishes. Chow Keow Teow and Hunan Chicken with rice (your choice of dark or white meat). The first dish came out extremely spicy, so if you don’t eat spice then make sure you tell the waiter no spice. I still stomached it, but with the help of a lot of water. The good amount of shrimp and squid made it very fulfilling. None of the above dishes are priced over $6, so its very reasonable by any standards.
Dessert you can have ABC which is layers of shredded ice, beans, corn and coloring.
Pros: Decor, open storefront during warm days, great use of wood on the walls
Cons: Water tasted a little like soap, certain “AA” wait staff could be rude
Make sure they give you free oranges after you get the check.
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