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April 2010

Peking Duck House

by Peng Li on April 19, 2010

Peking Duck House
28  Mott Street
New York, NY 10013


I guess I expected too much from a restaurant that specializes in Peking Duck. When I studied abroad in China, I went to the original Peking Duck house in Beijing. The restaurant served famous people such as Dr. Sun Yat-Sun and Mao Zedong. Perhaps you can say I was spoiled but I didn’t see what was so special about the duck there.

The house special Peking Duck dinner at Peking Duck House is too much. At $35 per head for a duck plus two entrees for four people. That means its $140 for a duck,  two dishes some hot and sour soup and dessert. Pretty ridiculous for a restaurant on Mott St. (I have a feeling the deal is for people who don’t know better.)

If you want to visit the restaurant, then just get dishes and share it family style, including the duck by itself. It’s much better deal and you get more ‘real’ food. Our group was split in half, so I had the chance to experience both. I really enjoyed the walnut shrimps because the shrimps were gigantic. Amazingly, I enjoyed the General Tsao’s Chicken and Sweet and Sour fried pork chops. The sesame chicken was not as good but really what is the difference?

There are extra seating downstairs in case you think its a full house. Decor is pretty modern and clean, they allow you to BYOB so you can get quite tipsy for cheap.

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Lunch Box Buffet

by Peng Li on April 14, 2010

Lunch Box Buffet / 5 Combinations
195 Centre St.
New York, NY 10013

Right down the block from MOCA is one of the biggest rice box combination restaurant I’ve ever seen.

For $4 you can get a takeout box with 3 dishes, rice and a soup.  Dine in is 50 cents more. Guess this is not really a “buffet”. There is a huge number of different dishes at this place. I’m not going to name them all, but just take a look at the pictures. Surprisingly many tourists know about this spot, probably because it’s right off Canal St.

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Museum of Chinese in America

by Peng Li on April 8, 2010

Museum of Chinese in America
215 Centre St.
New York, NY 10013


I got an opportunity to visit this museum for free (courtesy of Target free Thursdays) on a sunny afternoon. This museum was on top of my to-go list for a while.

The museum itself is quite small, although I heard that the old site was even smaller. Upon entry the museum is partitioned off to a few room. There’s a wall with influential Chinese Americans and on it you will find Yahoo’s Jerry Yang, the first Chinese governor Gary Locke. Rapper Jin the MC is placed right next to Bruce Lee which was one interesting juxtaposition.

You will find old movie posters of Caucasian Hollywood actors playing Chinese guys with the fumanchu mustache. Another interesting artifact is a little booklet for U.S. troops to use during World War 2 in the Pacific. There is a wall with old immigration documents from the late 1800 to early 1900′s, I didn’t even know so many Chinese people immigrated to the U.S. at that time. Check out all my pictures for a good sense of what the museum is about.

I think this museum is a must see for every Chinese American. Especially since it is free on Thursdays.


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