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September 2009

Flushing Xinjiang Lamb Sticks

by Peng Li on September 24, 2009

Holy lack of updates! I know its been almost three weeks and in Interweb time its like three years. My new semester of school just started so I could not update as much as I wanted. But there will not be another three week lapse, I PROMISE!
I decided to venture out to Flushing, Queens also known as the second Chinatown in NYC (8th Ave, Brooklyn is the third). I have been eating at this lamb cart for many years and he is the original in Flushing. The past two years there’s been several spawns along Main St and some don’t even have the proper permits. Accept no imitations, this is the best!

Although their selection isn’t the greatest, just lamb and chicken sticks, they give the best meats in the house . I’ve tried several of the others on Main St. but the lamb cannot compare. At $1 a stick, each piece of lamb is nicely flavored, very juicy but a little overly oily. So if you’re like me and like to eat on the streets, make sure the oil doesn’t drip onto your clothes.
When I studied abroad in China, this was one of my favorite snacks to have. I would easily devour ten at a time. However, 10 RMB vs 10 USD is a big difference. I usually just buy two or three and hop over to AA Plaza (another review to come) and have something there.
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Subpar dumplings

by Peng Li on September 3, 2009

Hua Du Dumpling Shop
69A Eldridge St.
New York, NY 10002


I decided to roam around Chinatown the other day because I had some extra time before class. I walked a block down Eldridge St. past Prosperity Dumpling and noticed a fairly new dumpling shop. Thought to myself, how can they go wrong with dumplings right? Wrong

These were one of the worst dumplings I ever had in New York. The skin was very soft, almost like they did not bother to fry it. The meat was very fatty and had some cartilage inside! Boy did I wish I just went to Prosperity instead.

Setup was the same as Prosperity some chairs to sit by the wall with the kitchen in the back. This is one to avoid guys!

Positives: A dollar for five
Negatives: Terrible dumplings, cartilage in the meat


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